Make your own Button Tree

Friday October 17, 2014 at 8:50am

Autumn is such a lovely colourful season and it is so nice to go for walks in the parks, with the leaves crunching under your feet. My nephew and I have lately taken the opportunity while on walks to collect a few leaves, twigs and generally chat about the Autumn colours around us. Back home this inspired me to make a button tree with him using a suitable twig and buttons I had acquired over the years.

Firstly I encouraged Jacob to look through a bag full of buttons for reds, browns, oranges and greens, perfect for our Autumn tree. Once he had selected those, all we needed was to pick a suitable twig to form our tree shape.

Next I attached the twig to a piece of A3 paper, this was a little trickier than I’d imagined. I tried strong glue but I think the twig needed to be pressed down on to the paper with a weight overnight to be absolutely secure. For speed, I ended up stapling the ends of the twig into place. Making sure there was no sharp ends on the other side from the staples.

Finally the fun, creative part. Jacob chose his buttons, I dabbed a little glue on to the back of the buttons and he carefully place them where he wanted. At first, he tried unsuccessfully to attach them directly onto the twig but he soon got the idea of sticking them around the ‘branches’.


Below is a picture of our tree, isn’t it great J!

 Hope you have fun making your own button trees.

Love Chamomile Baby x x

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