Finger painting

Friday January 30, 2015 at 3:30pm

Finger painting

Finger painting is such an easy and absorbing activity for toddlers and young children. Yes, it is messy but with a few minutes preparation, your child will be happily engaged for ages and clearing up will be a cinch! And, while they are enjoying the freedom of self-expression, it’s good to know that there are many benefits too, including:-          

  • Hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor development are reinforced        
  • Mixing colours is explored      
  • Little people can access painting without having to deal with brushes      
  • It’s therapeutic and fun  



1.    Cover a table with a wipe clean tablecloth


2.   Dress your child in suitable clothing. I put Jacob in an old coverall that is kept for messy activities. Roll sleeves up – yours and your child’s!


3.   Use a large piece of paper for painting on. I used a double-sided A3 painting book but a roll of lining paper is ideal. Much cheaper as well!


4.   Take the lids off the tubs of finger painting and let them dive in. Early Learning Centre do a pack of 6 for less than £5; Amazon also sell them. The packs will say that they are suitable for children of 3 years and above -  you just need to make sure that younger children are  not eating the paint!  

You can extend the activity by encouraging mark-making with fingertips, a plastic fork or similar object.


We then moved on to finger painting on a piece of tin foil wrapped around a baking tin to keep it in position.


All very satisfying!  

The finger paint we used came from Aldi and came off hands and arms extremely easily!                                                                                    

Have fun :)!

Love Chamomile Baby x x

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