Glittery Pumpkin Lantern

Friday October 24, 2014 at 1:20pm
With Halloween coming up, I couldn't resist doing this activity. I really had forgotten how much fun pumpkin carving was and with my nephew at the age he is now, I thought it would be really fun for him to decorate it.

We brought a mini-pumpkin to decorate but if you want to make your design a lot more creative a larger one is probably a lot easier to manage. Of course, an adult has to do the carving but you can involve your little one by getting them to decorate the pumpkin afterwards.

Once I had carved a face onto our pumpkin, I got Jacob to cover the pumpkin in PVA glue using a  glue spreader. I then gathered some glitter, sequins, stars, anything small that would appeal to him. 

The good thing about the PVA glue is that  it’s white when it‘s comes out, so you can easily see where to stick things or in Jacob’s case it was great fun for him to pick up bits of glitter and sequins and just throw them at the pumpkin. This technique actually worked really well but it was quite messy too! He then carefully selected where to place the buttons, flowers, etc on it. These couldn't be thrown at it! 

This was a great activity for fine motor co-ordination and kept Jacob very happy for quite a while. He was really impressed with the result too especially when I put a tea light inside our pumpkin.

Happy pumpkin decorating! :)

Love Chamomile Baby x x

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