When is the right time to have childrens?!

Wednesday June 18, 2014 at 12:50pm

When we were growing up,  my sister and I often talked about having babies and what we would have. We argued about which names we would have and also played dress up and act out little wedding with our cousins (As you do‼)

Back then we thought we had our lives sorted out, even though we were only about 7 and 10! Lol! We decided what we wanted to be when we were older and when we would have children; of course we would meet Mr Right by the time we were 21‼ Life was so easy then! Time went by and, for me, the age of having kids kept on going up and I still feel too young even though to some I’m apparently old!

Now we are both in our thirties and my sister is expecting her first child, so so so excited about that. However it has got me thinking when is the right time to have children and is there actually one?!

Life seems so much more demanding these days with all the pressures of having the perfect job and the perfect guy to match (Is there such a thing?) Are we given so much information about pregnancy and giving birth that is it actually scaring some people? I know sometimes I feel terrified, not because I don’t want them myself but because of all the stories you hear and the TV programmes. However how hard can it really be?! Throughout the world, 250 babies are born every minute and many to women who have been through it all before.

Anyway, enough about me going on, here are a few blogs I have found on pregnancy. I think these are really interesting. The third one is very honest and to the point regarding her pregnancy. Let me know what you think.


www.mothersalwaysright.com - check out the blogger bump club on here especially.


Love from Chamomile Baby x x

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