Worries about having babies

Friday April 4, 2014 at 5:06pm

I was intrigued to read an American post relating to worries people have about having babies before they actually arrive. These range from concerns about social lives being affected, will the nursery be ready to what if you hurt the baby, accidentally of course!

We all like to think we’re responsible parents but the last worry got me wondering how Id damaged my own children well, no-one is perfect! How many times did I overload the buggy with shopping, let it go and watch the innocent occupant fall back with a thud onto the pavement? Or, what about placing them on a chair, turning round and then watching them fall to hit themselves on the floor. Who can beat letting a child play with a coat hanger (who needs toys!) only to see them getting the hook well and truly stuck in their mouths? That was a friend of mine and, yes, it was scary! Happily, none of these events resulted in serious damage. Its surprising babies survive at all but they are often hardier than you think and most of the time they are fine, thank goodness. That doesnt stop the guilt or feelings of total inadequacy, though.

Of the many confessions posted on a mums website http://goo.gl/KBWY0v, I thought the following were some of the more unusual!

I forgot to shut the toilet door when my son was 2 and loved water... I got up to see what he was doing and found him face down in the toilet bowl with his little legs dangling up.. He was ok.

My father-in-law accidentally cut off my sister-in-law's thumb. After I heard this.... I began to think as long as my child retains all her body parts I'm doing a pretty fine job. LoL

We try so hard to be good parents but accidents do happen! 

love from Chamomile Baby x


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