Flying with Young Children

Saturday July 5, 2014 at 8:00am

Summer holidays are almost upon us – hurrah!  Who doesn’t look forward to the possibility of spending lazy days and quality time with the family in the sun? Getting there isn’t always so pleasurable, though, and it is a good idea to do some forward planning to make sure travelling, particularly with little ones, is as stress-free as possible.

My dad had the right idea when we flew to the States as a family many years ago – he sat at the back of the plane with my 12 year-old brother and grandma. By the time we reached Florida, he’d read a whole book and was completely relaxed. Meanwhile, my mum, sandwiched, between my sister and I, had to deal with us both being constantly ill and crying throughout the whole journey. I can still remember that flight now, it wasn’t nice. Kind of put me off flying from a very young age, I was 5 at this time. (However I have got better, I am very pleased to say!)

We finally arrived at our destination all 3 of us very exhausted and me and my sister not feeling or smelling too great either! Mum tells me she was not at all impressed with dad who had been completely oblivious to what was going on at the front of the plane where we were sat!

A memorable journey to say the least but mum was dealing with a 5 and 7-year old. How much more difficult is it flying with a baby? Think of all the things you have to take – bottles, food, nappies, change of clothing. Where are you going to put everything? What if they start crying and upsetting the other passengers? My nephew, Jacob, recently went on his first flight, and was distressed by the noise of the aircraft, pleading to his Daddy for it be switched off – (Maybe headphones for Jacob next time!) So many things to consider!

Here are two websites I’ve found which I think have some really good ideas to help you get organised for a flight with young little ones. One is an American site with 10 very useful tips:

The other has a short video to help with packing:

Happy Holidays :) !

Love from Chamomile Baby x x


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